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Grammar Stage - Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

We teach the grammar stage using tools that leverage students natural ability to memorize. Chants, songs, games, and recitations are used to help the children master facts in phonics, grammar, mathematics, science and history. By matching the learning tools with the children’s developmental stage TGS lays the necessary foundation students need to engage in learning by equipping them with the facts they will need to think critically in the logic stage.

In the grammar stage our students study their primary language using an analytic phonics, reading, and grammar program and engage in an in-depth writing curriculum. Because 50% of the English language is Latin based, students begin their formal study of Latin in 3rd Grade. Students also engage directly with Latin texts that are part of their language and history studies. This intentional integration of subject matter and the chronological approach to the study of history allows students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for Western Civilization.

Arithmetic and music are key parts of a liberal arts education. Our students develop their reasoning skills through a rigorous language-based mathematics program, and participate in systematic science studies. They further learn to appreciate the beauty and order in our universe by listening to classical music and learning about the composers who have shaped our Western history.