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Logic Stage

Logic Stage – Seventh and Eighth Grade

We teach the logic stage to help students seek the “why” behind the facts of the grammar stage. While our younger students were content to learn the facts, our logic stage students want to think through the facts more analytically. Students in this stage are naturally more argumentative, and so we therefore give them tools to mount persuasive and coherent arguments needed for critical thinking.

In logic school, our students learn formal and informal logic. They study the classics through Socratic seminars, in which they engage in conversation, dialectic, and debate with their peers and instructors. Because Logic pervades each subject of study in this stage, emphasis is placed on recognizing and correcting logical fallacies.

Students increase their writing skills by modeling the great writers of Western Civilization and reading primary sources in literature and theology. They also continue their science and rigorous math studies with formal instruction in Algebra and Geometry.