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Kindergarten field trip Fire Station 22
Gina Bonecutter

The kindergarten class took a field trip to Fire Station 22.

The kindergarten class took a field trip to Fire Station 22. They had the chance to watch 3 different calls go out while they were there. The firefighters that work there, as well as the education specialists that came to give TGS's students a  tour, were so wonderful at telling our students all about what firefighters do and how they help our community. 

Crazy Hair Day Contest Results
Gina Bonecutter

The winners are in!

The winners are in!

The Griffin House won for highest percentage of participation with 79% of their house entering the contest.

Calvin, of the Phoenix House, won for best presentation.

Wyvwren, of the Monoceros House ,won for best creativity.

Charlie, of the Griffin House, won for best effort.

A fun day was had by all!


The Lions' First Basketball Season
Gina Bonecutter

The Lions' inaugural basketball season is in the books!

The inaugural Lions basketball team completed its first season this fall. The season was marked by a tenacious spirit playing in a league of 7th and 8th grade students. Our fifth through eighth grade students did a fantastic job representing our school!

Gina Bonecutter

The Geneva School offers a distinctly classical Christian K-8 education, teaching all subjects from a Christian worldview.

All knowledge comes from God and therefore a Christian education should be imbued with academic rigor. The Geneva School curriculum consists of analytical phonics and reading; rich literature and writing; chronological history; Latin; formal and informal logic; advanced science, including Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics; art; music; and PE. Throughout each subject, students are equipped with the foundational tools of learning, preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

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